Data exchange made simple and safe

Data exchange

A project is communication, cooperation, sharing; a continuous exchange of files and documents internally and externally across the company.

INRETE offers a set of services to make this communication easier, safer and faster; a multitude of functions designed and optimized for project files transfer: designs, mathematical models, images, work paths, specific content.

In order to reduce times and costs for project management activities it is important to promptly:

  • share the correct data
  • inform all the participating actors inside a project about its availability
  • schedule detailed actions and timing.

INRETE data exchange services will help you in different projects with a set of applications that are able to trace the history of data exchange activities and to manage differential access to specific areas.

Datex is the application for file and documents exchange created by INRETE for the international market.

For more info about INRETE Data exchange products designed for the Italian market visit the specific Italian Products Section.